Free Car Removal

Buying a car is a huge investment. And we definitely make its use to the fullest by taking it for the daily commutes and taking it on holiday trips. To ensure longevity, we also use high-quality lubricants and replace worn out parts with top-quality auto parts. But despite providing all sorts of care and attention, their performance degrades with time. And you might as well reach a time when the car needs servicing and replacement of auto parts in a short span of time. As the car starts getting old, these kinds of expenses also increase exponentially. And the servicing and replacements start getting less feasible financially. Under such circumstances, letting your car go is the best thing you can do. And to help you with that, Lake Macquarie has brought free car removal service.

Free Car Removal

As the name readily implies, the service basically focuses on removing your cars from your backyard. Having a useless car on your backyard not just takes up space but also make the place look ugly. And over time, it starts collecting dust and rust, which further aggravates the beauty of the car. So to make the space up for a new car, you can get your old car removed. And the best thing is you don’t have to pay a penny for it. Lake Macquarie is offering a free car removal service with which you can empty the space occupied by car all for free.

Car Removal: Old Car, Scrap Car, Unwanted Car, Junk Cars

While removing the cars, we are not picky about the age, make, model or condition of the car. Be it an old, scrappy, damaged and destroyed, accidental, junk or a used and unwanted car, we take them away for free. But while taking them away we don’t take it for nothing. We also pay a handsome amount of cash for such old cars.

To estimate the actual worth of the car, first, we perform a thorough inspection of the car. This process involves taking note of all the minute details of the car, its working, and useless parts. This process is basically to find the true worth of the car and also to ensure the customers get the true value of the car if not more. After the inspection, there will be a valuation procedure. But no need to be alarmed for it as our valuation process is entirely free.

Once an agreement is established, we pay the amount we agreed, which is usually more than what our competitors offer. After making the payment, we tow away or remove the car. And for the removal, we bear the cost on our own. So the income you just made selling your old car would be completely saved.

Car Removal in Australia

So if you need car removal in Australia and if our services look pleasing to you, you can give us a call. We work round the clock for your service. Contact us and have a conversation with our representative. We then schedule a time, which would be convenient for you. As per the schedule, we will be there on time for the pick-up. While picking up the car, we make a payment on the site. So you don’t have to wait to receive your own money.

Currently, we are providing our services in major cities of New South Wales including Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, etc. So NSW dwellers are quite at luck.

Contact Us

If you have made up your mind and willing to get your car removed, we are just a phone call away. Bring out your phone, give us a ring and state your address and a convenient time for a pickup. Or you can turn on your laptop, compose an email with all the details of your car and send it to us. If you are willing to get your car picked up later, mention a suitable time that best fits your schedule. After that, we will be there to pick up your car right on time as per your schedule.

Contact Number: 0487 002 222

Email Address: info@lakemacquariecashforcars.com.au

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